Quick Reference Guide

ProTELEC Security + Safety

The Key to Ensuring Your Lone Staff are Protected

You and your company have committed to ensuring the safety of all employees and through CheckMate, the safety of employees that work alone. We want to thank you for that commitment, and we want to ensure you are getting the most from it. Your employees also share in that responsibility and they need to use the safety tools that you provide them.

To confirm that your staff working alone are using CheckMate when they should, we have developed the CheckMate Dashboard and as an Administrator, you have access to it 24/7/365. Please contact us if you do not know your User ID and Password. This Dashboard will, at a glance, provide you with key information regarding how often your employees are using CheckMate. An example of the Dashboard is provided below:

Dashboard Screenshot

User Name
All employees set up for CheckMate are listed and those that are using our Safe Alone app will have the phone icon beside their name. If they do not have the app then these employees will be receiving Safety Checks via automated phone calls or texts.
Phone Number
This is the phone number that CheckMate will be using to communicate with the employee.
Indicates in real time whether the Safety Checks are on or off, whether a Safety Check is in progress, and whether there is a schedule of Safety Checks pending. You will see one of the following icons under status:
Safety Checks Off: Deactivated
Schedule Pending: Activated but currently no shift in progress
Safety Checks On: Activated with shift in progress
Safety Check in Progress: this status starts when the first automated call starts or the SMS prompt is sent and ends when a successful call is recorded, a check-in is received via SMS, app, etc or an alarm is generated.
Alarm in Progress
Safety Checks Delayed: in this case an extra column is added with the 'Delayed Until' time
No Schedule: has been created, making it unusable
Indicates how often the employee will be checked on.

The next block of information will show how often the employee has used CheckMate in the last 24 hours and seven days by showing how many Safety Checks occurred and how many Safety Checks were missed which then generated alarms in the last 7 days.
Show you where the user was when they checked in.
Provides you with a menu from which you can generate reports based on dates and type of events such as Safety Checks, Alarms, Activation and Deactivation.
Dashboard Screenshot
Clone User
Allows you to copy the main set up details of an existing user to help create a new user.